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Set up second ePO server?

Hey all,

We have a private network where I need to install VirusScan for each machine. None of the computers connect to the internet. Should we set up an ePO server here, or is there an easier way to manage the clients? The DAT updates will have to be downloaded manually each day, and placed on a computer in this private network. What would be the best way to set this up? I'll be using ePO 4.6, and VSE 8.8.



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Re: Set up second ePO server?

You could setup a repository at that location by installing a nas that has the ability to communicate with your EPO. Is that not feesable?

Re: Set up second ePO server?

I could do that, but was wondering if I had to go through the trouble of setting up an ePO server. There will only be about 10 machines that need VirusScan installed, and it seemed as though having another ePO server was overkill, but that's the only way I know of to manage the machines. The policies are pretty much going to be static once in place.

Re: Set up second ePO server?

Putting an Agent Handler out there should work.

Re: Set up second ePO server?

This will basically be a new setup all the way around, as none of these computers will be able to talk to our existing ePO server. At it's simplest form, we have 10 computers which need VirusScan installed, and a way for them to receive DAT updates, without having to manually do it on each machine every time.

Would it be reasonable to set up one machine, configure the policies as needed, then export those policies to the other machines? I would like to then have those machines connect to a UNC path for the DAT updates. Is it possible to do this without setting up an ePO server? I'm just trying to keep this whole setup as simple as possible, from a management perspective.

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Re: Set up second ePO server?

You can manually create a UNC repository location within the McAfee console on each of the clients to pull updates. The problem comes when you want to update the repository...

There are a few options

1. The UNC repository could be located on machine that has a connection in both networks. Create a distributed repository and have ePO push the updates to this folder. You could segregate this single machine with VLANs etc to protect this private network from the core network. Advantage: Full automated, Disadvantage: security

2. Have ePO replicate it's repository daily to a client on the core network that has a UNC share setup on a USB key or External Hard Drive. Then physicaly transfer the USB key to a client nominated as the repository on the private network and mount the share. Advantage Secure, Disadvantage: Manual intervention required.