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Services Exclusions


Someone know if it's possible to do Services Exclusions in ePO 4.5?

I know to do Port Exclusions, Files Exclusions and Processes. But don't know how to do Services Exclusions.

Is it possible?


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Re: Services Exclusions


This is more a VirusScan than ePO question (Assuming you're thinking about VirusScan). As far as I know you can't exclude by service specifically.

Still, services you are looking to exclude may be tied to a unique process or file, it's just a matter of identifying the objects to exclude.

In other cases the service may be tied to svchost.exe (and a bunch of associated dll's).

Tell us what services you were thinking of and perhaps we can work out what you would need to exclude.



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Re: Services Exclusions

Services are processes/executables. So just get the process, run services.msc double click on the service- you'll see the path\process name on the general tab.  Exclude that and you're good to go.


Pring Spooler server = C:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exe

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe = a lot of core windows servics.