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Server with 2 interfaces becomes rogue

We have some Linux server as proxy-server. Internal interface, external interface Agent installed and LinuxShield work great. But server becomes rogue, because it not respond to local area from address, and agent "invisible" from LAN on external interface. And in ePO System Tree present entry "proxy" with and agent installed, in Network present "PROXY" with and agent not installed and rogue status. Simple workaround is put to "exceptions", but may be some "automated way" for resolve this as normal "bi-headed" system?

PS: Puf-f-f, so many words in English Smiley Very Happy

Right now we had...
In System Tree:
System Name - proxy
IP Address -
Operating System - Linux Workstation 2.6 14-1.1653.1asp
Agent Version -
Installed Products - McAfee Agent, LinuxShield 1.5.1

In Network (Rogue list):
Computer Name - PROXY
OS Platform - Linux
Last Detected IP Address -
Rogue State - No Agent

May be Rogue sensors not refreshed, but after deletind from Rogue list that server come back again with status "No Agent". But Agent present and reporting to server.