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See which hotfixes have been installed


There are 7 hotfixes for ePO 5.1 now. I have 2 questions regarding that:

1. What's the easiest way to determine which of the hotfixes have been installed in ePO 5.1?

2. What's the impact of installing a hotfix twice?

Thank you for your time.

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Re: See which hotfixes have been installed

Hi VriendP,

Attached the screneshot of the Hotfixes available for EPO 5.1.1

If you have installed the HF, I am sure, it won't allow to install again.

Moreover, the sequence to install the HF's is to follow the best wayy to install based the date it was published.

Hope this helps to answer your question



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Level 7

Re: See which hotfixes have been installed


Thank you for your reply. My question was primarily if a hotfix affects the ePO build number or shows anywhere in the UI after installation. I did notice that a hotffix won't let me install it if it's already installed.

I think the answer to my question would be negative for most of these hotfixes, since they update the underlying apache server.

I have enough information now, though. Thank you again.

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Level 16

Re: See which hotfixes have been installed

Hi VriendP, as you already said a hotfix does not usually affect the ePO build number. You'll usually have to check the HF readme file, there you'll see a section explaining which files you have to check

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