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Scheduling an agent dat update?

Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums and to EPO and I've been given the liberty to handle the Virus scan and EPO management at the company I work for. I've been able to learn extensively most of the ins and outs of EPO and bring it back up to company compliance standards within the past several weeks.

One of the problems that I'm experiencing, however, is that some users turn off their workstations at the end of business. EPO is scheduled to perform a repository pull twice per day; Once at 9am and once at 9pm. Even if I power up the workstations in time before epo does it's thing at 9am, the agents do not update the dat files. Is there a deployment task that I've missed that instructs the agents to perform an update at a given specific time? If so, where do I find this?
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RE: Scheduling an agent dat update?

You have to create a task in System -> Client Tasks and chose Update(McAfee Agent) to update the DAT files. We have it set to run every 4 hours and also checked "run missed tasks" to have the workstations update right after booting up.

RE: Scheduling an agent dat update?

I should also mention I'm using version 3.6.1. I don't seem to see that option in the "configure new task" page. Could you walk me through this?

RE: Scheduling an agent dat update?

Nevermind, I've found it under the directory. Now It's time for trial and error.

Thanks for the help.