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Scheduled deployment not working


I am using ePo 4.5 and agent 4.5 in a Windows environment. DAT updates work fine, repository updates fine, AD sync is fine. Just that when I schedule an agent install or a VirusScab Ent. package install

they never fire off. Here is the las thing I did in trying to deploy VirusScan 8.7

- Cleared out task temp folder on client

- Scheduled a deployment of 8.7 : Type ONCE, Start date - yesterdays date , schedule - ONCE at <seven minutes in the future>

- Performed agent Wake-Up

When I use a browser to access the agent log on the client it tells me - Next time(local) of task Install VirusScan 8.7 is: never

So in poking around I changed the task start date to today and now the client has a time to execute the task in the browser.

Also looks like it installed now, but I don't see the shield in the tray.

So I guess if you have the task set to ONCE and the date is passed the task will not fire off. KIND OF makes sense, I would think though it would see it NEVER fired off

and run it even with an old date.

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Re: Scheduled deployment not working

I usually set deployment tasks to apply at every policy enforcement interval (tick box on task) its barely any overhead as if its installed it doesnt progress and it gets past a lot of resource issues