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Scan Engine 5400 has been released for EPO


It appears that McAfee has just released the new 5400 Scan engine packages for EPO.


- It's faster than before : We've listened to
our customers who asked for a faster Engine
and it delivers superior performance to
current McAfee Anti-Virus products on all
supported platforms.

- Improved detection of existing, new and
potential threats which increases the depth
and breadth of the protection we provide.

- Delivered in a engine for all supported platforms
~ Enhanced support for Adobe Flash (.swf) file

~ Improved File Decomposition, helping us to
detect more threats. Including enhanced
support for the Nullsoft Installer file

- 100% drop-in compatibility with existing McAfee
Anti-Virus products and DAT files. It's easy to
upgrade; just update your Scanning Engine through
ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) and you're protected.
No worrying about compatibility.

- We have digitally signed the engine to allow its
origin and integrity to to be checked.(Windows
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RE: Scan Engine 5400 has been released for EPO

Did anyone have any issues with this engine so far?
Did you have to run reboots on servers?

thinking about rolling it and my tests so far have been ok.
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So far OK

Pushed to clients and servers last week and without problems so far. No reboots were required on servers.

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RE: So far OK

Pushed it last week to over 1700 systems. Most systems are running VSE 8.5i with about 5 still running with VSE 8.0. Have not had any reports of any problems.

RE: So far OK

When I apply the update manually (we're still testing it) the version does not update when right-clicking the 'M' and selecting About in the system tray (still shows 5301.4018). However, when I open up VirusScan 8.5 and look at the About properties it shows the new engine version (5400.1158). Our ePO 4.5 server shows the systems having the newest 5400 engine installed.

Is this happening to anyone else?
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RE: So far OK

I saw that same issue on my PC with MA 4.5 RC and VSE 8.7P1.

MA 4.5 RTM is reporting on VSE 8.7P2 fine here, though, but not sure which sequence of actions fixed it.