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SQL script to apply deployment task to systems?

Running ePO 4.0 w/patch 5 currently.  I have a situation where we want to deploy McAfee Agent 4.0 w/patch 3 ( to a disparate number of machines as a test group, but the systems have no common naming convention or subnet in which to effectively apply tags to.  So, my thought was to write a Perl script that calls in each machine from a flat file and manually assign a deployment task to them using a SQL query.  Now, I can handle the Perl part, and more than likely the SQL script too given enough time, but for sake of time, does anyone know the best way to do this via SQL?  I know this is not supported, but I am looking at over 1000 test machines that I would have to touch manually via the ePO console otherwise.  Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.



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