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SQL Server 2014 Express config, settings for ePO Server 5.3.x

I'm preparing to install SQL Server 2014 Express prior to installing ePO Server 5.3.2; I've previously run SQL Server 2014 Express with ePO Server 5.3.1. During the installation of MS SQL Server 2014 Express one has the option to "Enable FILESTREAM for Tansact-SQL access"; the related options

"Enable FILESTREAM for file I/O access"

"Windows share name:" (the default for which was "EPOSERVER", the "Named instance:" I defined earlier in the installation)

"Allow remote clients access to FILESTREAM data"

are greyed out until one activates "Enable FILESTREAM for Tansact-SQL access".  My two-part question is: does one want to "Enable FILESTREAM for Tansact-SQL access" AND, if so (and if the actual database is located on a different partition from the ePO server), can one disable 8dot3name support for the partition where the database is stored (MS recommends doing that when FILESTREAM support is enabled, see Enable and Configure FILESTREAM), without adversely affecting the ePO server (8dot3name support is required by Apache Tomcat, see From the little I've read about FILESTREAM (FILESTREAM (SQL Server)) it sounds as though enabling it might be incompatible, assuming ePO's Apache server is what initiates the storage of 'unstructured data' in the database ePO is configured to use.

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