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SQL - Reporting on EPO for Compliance

I'm working on SQL queries to perform/export reporting to a compliance system for automated metrics outside of ePO itself.

I've made some progress on my own:


  1. Identify McAfee deployed by OS/Computer (Win & Mac) - OK
  2. Config - perform auto updates? - Perhaps (see below)
    Config - perform periodic scans?
  3. Software & Definitions are current? - OK
  4. AV Log generation enabled?
    AV Logs are retained?
  5. Verify AV actually running?
    Verify AV cannot be disabled or altered by users

So, there are generally three topics that I need advice on:

1) Configuration; I think I've gotten the Auto Updates from:

FROM EPOLeafNodes ln JOIN EPOTaskAppliedTasks tat ON ln.NodeID = tat.leafnodeid

WHERE tat.ProductCode = 'EPOAGENTMETA' AND tat.TaskType = 'Update' AND tat.[Name] = 'Global Daily DAT Update'

2) All I seem to be reliably finding is settings related to on-demand scans; I thought I was making progress looking at EPOTaskScheduleSettings, especially settingName = 'RepeatDays', or MaskDaysOfWeek = 127, but doesn't seem to be panning out in actual recorded data (i.e., none of the servers that had BETTER be every-day, had either RepeatDays, Value=1 OR MaskDaysOfWeek, Value=127.)

3) I seem to be finding info regarding on-demand scans for logging, but not scheduled scans logging. Different location, or just all logged under "On Demand"?

4) Retention will probably be identified outside of EPO, nothing to notice here...

5) Ideas on identifying if AV can be disabled or altered by users?

A lot here, I'll whittle it down to one question at a time if necessary. Thanks in Advance, Brian

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