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SQL Maximum Memory


Looking for some guidance in regard to SQL and EPO.  I have SQL running on a seperate machine than the EPO. 

Our SQL Max Memory (in SQL Management Stupio) is set to 12GB.  We have 12.25 of main memory on the server. SQL is the only thing running on that server and many things in EPO take FOREVER to run or even time out on me. 

I have seen that by reducing that max memory, EPO interace performance increases.  That was at another site, though.  I argue that .25GB (250MB) of memory is never enough memory to run a system.

I have seen sizing guides from MS that recommend about a 90% setting of SQL Max Memory compared to main memory.  Anyone else got any more references I can use?  i'm trying to get my server admin to reduce that max memory to 10GB instead of 12.