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Running CmdAgent from command line with UAC enabled

Has anyone figured out a way to launch CmdAgent.exe from a command line (batch file, script, etc) with UAC enabled?

I can easily do this from an Active Directory Group Policy startup script where system credentials are used.  However, I am trying to launch an "on-connect" script when VPN clients connect so that the McAfee Agent is forced to check in rather than "hope" they checkin based on MA policy settings.

I had a nifty scripty to do this with XP clients but of course this does not work with Vista or Win7 clients.  McAfee seems to be refusing to provide me with some sort of workaround as I get filtered through all the Tier 1 techs who can't find a solution in their manuals.

I don't understand why this command line utility needs elevated credentials to run anyway.  It is not like it can be used to disable or bypass security.  In fact, all it does is provide the means to force your client to check into ePO and *get* new poliies.

I'm thinking there *has* to be a way.  If not, maybe some creative MA settings to make this work?

Thanks in advance...

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Re: Running CmdAgent from command line with UAC enabled

you must launch the cmd box as an administrator environment, after you will be able to launch the cmdagent

Re: Running CmdAgent from command line with UAC enabled

That is the whole problem. I need my VPN client to be able to launch an onconnect script that can run cmdagent.exe silently.  I still haven't figured out a way to do it.