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RunTask Now - Deploy Agent 4.8

Hello McAfee Community.

I hope you can give me an answer regarding this matter.

I'm deploying a task to several computers (hundreds). For some machines the tasks are failing, while I haven't finished the troubleshoot yet to find out why, I'd like to ask first something.

Why the task deploys 3 files:

FramePkg.exe - Agent Installation - Agent config files - Agent installation + config files.

Now, why are these three items sent? If the has everything, why requiring both files separated? It doubles the size of the deploy.

Is it normal? Does everyone has this behaviour?

I'll come back with another question (possibily) after I finish the troubleshooting to know why some tasks have failed. For now I only want to know why these files are being sent when one of them has everything.

Thanks guys!