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Run external commands


How to use registered executable and run external commands?

Is anyone would provide any example for that?

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McAfee Employee

Re: Run external commands

In a limited fashion, yes you can run some commands. You will need EEDK ( ) Also see McAfee Corporate KB - ePO Endpoint Deployment Kit for Application Control and Change Control 6.1.0 a...

So using this tool, I packaged Windows "cmd.exe" and created the following ePO package name SysCMD. You can name it whatever you want. When done, you can use ePO agent to reboot or shutdown systems. After creating your package with EEDK tool, you need to add it to master repository. Then create your client tasks.

Good luck. I wish they would create powershell modules for ePO and other endpoint products. that would be nice.

Level 13

Re: Run external commands

Here are a couple of examples on using "registered executable" and "run external commands" from the ePO console:

How to generate a MER file when a Performance Optimizer metric reaches a specified threshold Technical Articles ID:   KB87508 Last Modified:  7/25/2016

McAfee Corporate KB - KB87508 - This will register PowerShell for the purpose of running MER

Essentially both examples are tied to Automatic responses - I vaguely remember that registered executable only exists on the ePO server, not on the client machines. While EEDK does reside on the ePO server and client machine.

Depending on what you're trying to accomplish - it may be better to follow what ​ has suggested,

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