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Roll back issue on fresh install ePO 4.6.2

I got  roll back issue when I start a fresh install ePO 4.6.2 on SQL server 2008 SP2 + Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition 64-bit.  the ePO Server and SQL database server in same domain. I used Domain administrator to run setup but when installation go to the stage starting McAfee ePO Service, it begin roll back.  Can any one who have same issue got resolved  please share some solution or suggestions on that ? Many Thanks.

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Re: Roll back issue on fresh install ePO 4.6.2

Hi McAfee8080,

Pls contatct the McAfee technical support regarding this issue surely they will help you by installing the ePO in debug mode so that the installtion will get stop at particular point if there is any problem so we can easily identify the root cause for the roll back issue

All the best

McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: Roll back issue on fresh install ePO 4.6.2


As you are probably aware, the ePO 4.6 Patch 2 is pulled off the downloads page due to some issues reported with Software Manager functionality. There is going to be an updated build of Patch 2 that will be posted shortly (I dont have a confirmed date yet). In the mean time, it is recommended that users who did not already install or upgrade to Patch 2 refrain from doing so. For those users who already installed Patch 2, the updated installer is expected to update the existing installation to the revised build. Refer to KB74745 for details.