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Rogue System Detection - Subnet Condition


I am trying to set Rogue System Detection to stop scanning our RAS / VPN range. (10.137.x.x)

I've had a look in the settings and think i need to add a condition but i'm getting confused.

Within Repsonses, Add Condition, IP Range.

Do i need to select 'is in range' or 'is not in range'? What IP addresses do i put into the value fields? 10.137.???.???

Any help would be great! Smiley Happy

Many Thanks

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RE: Rogue System Detection - Subnet Condition

where you are looking, is the responses of what to do when a host within a given subnet is detected..

i think what you want to do is stop the detection at source, ie, the sensor.

within the RSD sensor policy you have the option to control what networks are, and are not included for detection - it governs what virtual nics the sensor will bind to

i think this is what you are looking for