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Revalidating previously approved USB devices

I administer ePO in an extremely dynamic environment in which new USB Hard Drives are introduced almost weekly, but sometimes the drive that is brought to us will be in our environment for a week or two and then will never be seen here again.  Unfortunately, we never know if that is the case.

My leadership would like for us to conduct annual audits of drives to remove the ones that have not been attached to a managed system in over a year.  In the 4.x iteration of ePO, we could at least note the holder of the drive that we added and contact the equipment owners, but that field has been eliminated.  Now, there seems to be no way to export the list, no way to make notes, and no way to detect if the drive hasn't been seen.  Some of the items have been in the list since we set up the first ePO server 6 years ago, and I am sure they no longer exist, but since the list appears to have also been reordered when the upgrade from 4.x to 5.x occurred, there's no way to tell.

Plus, our security team is being required now to provide a list of all certified drives, and we have no way to get that list without doing individual copy/paste from each form field.

If I am missing any functionality that will allow us to pare down this list (currently 200+) and provide the required information?

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