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Restoring EPO 3.5 database To EPO 3.6 database


My name is Dinesh.I am trying to test EPO database restore.

I have one server which have EPO 3.5 and I have taken the backup of that server's database through dbbak.exe.

Now when I try to restore it to other server which have EPO 3.6 then it gives me error that "database in use".


1. I have stopped all 3 services before initiating restore.

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 3.6.x Server
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 3.6.x Event Parser
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 3.6.x Application Server

2. The server names are different (There is a different backup server with different name than restore server.) But i do not think that would be the possible reason for this error.

Please help me to find out the reason for error.
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RE: Restoring EPO 3.5 database To EPO 3.6 database

A 3.5 database cannot be restored to a 3.6 server. Database restore will only work between ePO server of the exact same version including patch level.

RE: Restoring EPO 3.5 database To EPO 3.6 database


Do you have any document for this. Logically it would be very difficult for the users as after some period of time old versions get obsoletes as new version comes. There should be backward compatibility for any new version as this is Macfee's product i think it should not.

Now one more thing i want to share with you, that i restored EPO's 3.5 database on EPO's 3.6. The error was that i have to rename the server to old server name. By default EPO create his database as ePO_servername.

Now still i am not sure whether i will be able to connect all my clients to my new server which have EPO 3.6. It is in progress.

So please give me any document from Mcafee or any authorised body regarding this.

Also could you tell me how to migrate EPO from one server to other. any idea.

Thanks for your response.


RE: Restoring EPO 3.5 database To EPO 3.6 database

I don´t know what you exactly mean with backward compatibility - you always have the option to upgrade your server to the next version.

And again even if you are able to get a 3.5 database to load in a 3.6 server this will not work in the end as the database schema is different because epo 3.6 uses a policy catalog. It may be that you get the services to load with your old DB but you will run into serious troubles.

You must update your epo 3.5 install to 3.6 - this will also update the database schema.

RE: Restoring EPO 3.5 database To EPO 3.6 database


Thanks for your help.

Now i am trying to to make DRP plan for EPO 3.5. And for that i took backup of EPO 3.5 and restore on other server having same name and having EPO 3.5

Evey thing get restored successfully. But got 4 errors

error downloading policy translation file for virusscan7000
error downloading http://c2w10008:81/data/virsuscan7000/Policy.tpl
error downloading policy translation file for virusscan8600
error downloading http://c2w10008:81/data/virsuscan8600/Policy.tpl

Where c2w10008 is host name (which is same in both servers (Live server and test server where i am testing the restore.)

As per my understanding it is not able to download policy files from viruscan 7000 and virusscan8600 after restoring.

Some clue which may help you:--

On the restored server i am not able to find viruscan7000 and virusscan8600 at "C:\Program Files\Network Associates\ePO\3.5.0\db\Data\" which is at live server.

Thanks for helping me out.


1. C:\Program Files\Network Associates\ePO\3.5.0\db\Data

RE: Restoring EPO 3.5 database To EPO 3.6 database

You must checkin all NAP files from products which are not in the standard epo setup. In your case checkin the NAP files from the Virusscan 7.0 and 8.5 install package and the error will disappear.
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RE: Restoring EPO 3.5 database To EPO 3.6 database

I have a similar problem.. it keeps telling me error downloafing policy translation file for VIRUSCAN 8600.. where do i have to go to check out the NAP files, and what package do i have to install?
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RE: Restoring EPO 3.5 database To EPO 3.6 database

VIRUSCAN 8600 is VSE 8.5 so download this from mcafee downloads section with your grant and checkin the naps as per the readme