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Restarting services on VS8.5

I've setup a script that will be used to change master repositories for disaster recovery. Basically swaps out sitelist.xml and serversitelist.xml and restarts services in short. The question is that 8.5 VS disallows the stopping of the services. Is there a way to bypass this via scripting *without* turning it off in the policy which I'd rather not do. I am trying to avoid bouncing machines. Thanks.
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RE: Restarting services on VS8.5

A bit more info so it doesn't sound like the ramblings of a mental patient...

* The script requires me to drop the services to replace the sitelist.xml and the serversitelist.xml
* An 8.5 Access Protection Policy protects the service from being stopped.
* Under Access Protection the settings seems to be "Prevent McAfee services from being stopped"
* I turned it off on a local workstation and this seemed to be what I'm looking for
* I threw regmon on it to find out the registry key as most aren't very intuitive and found out what it touches
* The regkeys seem to be protected also (I was used to the older days of epo settings so that caught me by suprise). Protection is not from ACLs to the keys from what I can tell.

Question is without turning off the setting to the environment (don't want to reduce security), is there another way of turning this off temporarily to give enough time to bounce the services. The policy will change it back for the next ASCI I would assume.

The goal of this whole exercise is to create an SMS package that can flip the master repository as necessary for disaster recovery testing or for an actual emergency.