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Repository pull task is failing

Hi There,

The master repository pull task is failing with the following error message:

" Failed to download file current\vscandat1000\dat\0000\ from the site update.naicom:80, error code 2 (the system cannot find the file specified)"

This is happening since we modified the source sites in EPO server settings and pointed to commonupdater3 to test the DAT reputation in our dev ePO clients. However, since making this change, repository pull is failing. Therefore, we've reverted this change and now its pointing to and yet it's still failing for some reason. Any help you can provide will greatly be appreciated.

Thanks for your help in advance,


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Reliable Contributor exbrit
Reliable Contributor
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Re: Repository pull task is failing

Moved to ePO for better handling.



Re: Repository pull task is failing

Is it listed in your Menu/Software/Distributed Repositories?  Also, is your repository new and in the DMZ?

Re: Repository pull task is failing

Hi btstevens,

The issue I'm having is with the master repository, not the DPs.

Thank you,


McAfee Employee JoeBidgood
McAfee Employee
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Re: Repository pull task is failing

Can you attach the entire epoapsrv.log, and we can take a look? (If you use the "use advanced editor" option you can attach files.)

Thanks -


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