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Repository best practices

A little back ground before the question. We are a global company with sites world wide. We have been rolling out sms to all these sites with secondary servers. As a result, every secondary server also has an ePO repository associated with it. As a result, it takes about 2 to 4 hours to replicate to all the servers.

My question is, how many clients per site make sense for it to have a repository? My thoughts are that it may be worht while to cut off the smaller sites (20 or less clients) and have them come directly to the main ePO server. Thoughts?
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RE: Repository best practices

Thats hard to say. Need more information. How big is your pipe between sites, and what is the utilization? I would use Superagents on a workstations and let them check in there.

RE: Repository best practices

We currently have superagents installed on those repositories. This was setup by the mcafee consultant that helped us sort some server issues. We are happy with the aproach but there are just too many.

The pipe to us is fairly large. 99% of all our sites come thru us to reach the internet. I talked to someone at mcafee and while I couldn't pin him down on a real answer, 100 clients at a site seemed to make sense. I guess I'm just looking for feedback on what others are doing.

RE: Repository best practices

I have 3 sites connected with OC3 2 has about 500 systems I have a superagent there, and 1 has about 100ish it connects to one of the larger sites superagents. I have 3 other sites connection with T3 lines. 1 has about 50 the other 2 have about 125-150 systems. They have their own superagents.