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Repositories having trouble updating from themselves.


I'm very new to ePO and still working to fully configure it for our company. I'm running ePO 4 patch 3 and VirusScan 8.5i.

My newest problem is my repositories stopped updating the definitions for their VSE. They have the newest definitions as other computers are updating off them, but when they update it tells me "unable to find a valid repository". I checked the repository list and the correct one is checked.

They were updating at one time, but I don't know what happened. I know when they are replicating with the master ePO server no one can update from them, but that isn't what's happening.

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RE: Repositories having trouble updating from themselves.

After some more digging I found the following error:

20090302140322 I #864 Script CheckSiteStatus:<my server> is not upto-date site. PolicyCatalogVersion=20090302184254, RepositoryCatalogVersion=20090301171611

What does that mean? This repository has the same version of DAT's as the master ePO server.

RE: Repositories having trouble updating from themselves.

Fixed: I think.

My master repository updated its DAT file while I was doing my testing and made my local repository out of date. I forced a replication and now it updated fine. So it looks like the hosts that are repositories check to see if they're up to date before they update. Weird. :confused:

I have my schedules set now so tomorrow should go smooth. silly