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Repositories getting enabled automatically

We have a large environment spread over 70 countries, now the problem is that whenever I am promoting a repository, its is automatically getting enabled.
I have over 130 repositories, I have the made sure, that the option which excludes the new repo has been enabled still this is happening.:mad:

This is creating loads of network noise, as cross region updates are happening.

Please let me know if anyone has faced this issue........:confused:
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RE: Repositories getting enabled automatically

Sorry but I'm not really sure what you mean ?

What is "promoting" a repository ? and where are you "excluding" the new Repository?


RE: Repositories getting enabled automatically

What I mean is that when we create a new Super Agent Repository, it should not get enabled automatically in the master list of repositories if running ePO 4 patch 2 and above, but this is happening in my environment, we have logged a case with McAfee, helpless as always, say they have escalated to the engg team for a fix for this....

RE: Repositories getting enabled automatically

I knew they added the ability to prevent new repositories from being enabled.....but I'm not sure it's set to prevent by default.

I had to go into the McAfee Agent policies Repositories tab and check "Exclude new distributed repositories by default".

Or are you saying you've already done that and it doesn't work?

RE: Repositories getting enabled automatically


I have faced this issue these days and I tell you this is @#$@$%!

After two weeks dealing with this along with McAfee Gold Support I decided to create a clean 2003 Server VM and installed everything again (latest product versions). Also recreated all the fifty super agent repositories and made their respective full replications. And it worked out fine after all.

But, technically, if you ask me what the hell happened I do not know the answer. I believe it is related to some crash on the ePO server or agent package and I do hope it does not happen to take place again.

Hope it was of any help.


Diego Lorenzo

RE: Repositories getting enabled automatically

Another approach I find relevant is that I´ve personally heard from somebody who works at McAfee that ePO 4.0 won´t work fine with more than 99 super agent repositories and that ePO 4.5 will have no issues working with more than 99. So I recommend you to take a deeper look at this and if it is of any consistence to you, implement another ePO to look after half of you repositories.


Diego Lorenzo

Got the Fix

We logged a hight priority case with McAfee... and got the tier3 involved....(we have platinum support). He said he knows this issue and the fix with coming with the next release of the patch.....
He then installed the POC(proof of concept) and since then its working fine..........

So anyone facing this issue contact support guys and they should have the fix.....

Imagine the Platinium support guy did not know about this... the tier 3 did......... the support is .................................... no words to describe it....

But alas I am happy that I did not have to reimage the server........

Also the cause he said was services of SQL being in a hung state...... though i dont believe him.what matters is that issue is resolved...........Smiley Happy happy happy

@ Diego.

To be true... even i feel that is relevant... we have seen this issue... after i think we had around 90+ repo..... But then also have a post where in he has... like.... 50 repo and still has the issue.....

RE: @ Diego.

Well, great!

Good to know there´s a fix for it, case it happen again around here i´ll know which direction to take.

Best regards,