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Reports are coming blank


We have create a daily server task for report on 'on demand scan',and 'DAT update'.Previously it was working fine but now reports are coming blank.We have got to know that it happened because of 'epo event parser service'.So after restarting that service all were working fine.But after after few days same issue had occur.We have concern about this issue with mcafee technical support to know the reason why it happened again and again .They gave me a reason that the epo installed on AD server and sql server also installed on the same server.CPU utilisation is become high so because of load on that service the reports are coming blanks.But customers said that CPU utilisation never go beyond 20-30 percents in that server.We have showed them documents that mcafee not recomend to install the epo on AD server so please migrate that server.But in Migration also there is one issue that is we have to keep same server name and ip to new server as of the old server in which epo is installed.And we cant do that because the server in which epo is installed is AD server and we cant give the same server name and ip to new server.So can anybody help me what should I do to resolve this issue.