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Removing unused software/extensions

I know in older EPO versions you could run into problems if you removed packages you weren't using.

Is this still the case with ePO 4.5?

For example, we do not use or have GroupShield for Exchange or Notes/Domino

We do not have VirusScan for Mac

I'd like to (if it's possible and won't cause problems) remove those so that I don't get all the extra reports and whatnot for the product we don't use/own/have.

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Re: Removing unused software/extensions

Other than the system extensions (which you normally cannot remove) - this should not cause any problems. Its a good idea to backup the ePO folders and database - in case you anticipate issues.

Also there are a bunch of legacy products that are listed under Policy Catalog drop down which are not really supported. You can get rid of these by using a query like so (make sure you backup the ePO database before doing this):

'NSHLDNW_4600', 'OUTMAN__4600', 'SNOWCAP_1000', 'VIRUSCAN6500', 'VIRUSCAN7100', 'GSDOMINO5000', 'GSDOMINO5300'

Re: Removing unused software/extensions

Generally speaking ePO won't let you remove extensions with dependencies, or core extensions by accident..

As Sailendra suggests, a DB backup before major changes is alwaysa good idea though !



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