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Removing SA Repository after decommision

Hi Guys, wondering if I can get a little help.

I have a SuperAgent repository on a server that has been decommisioned. I didnt think until after the fact to remove the repository.

How do I stop the EPO from trying to replicate out to it every time? I'd like to remove the repository, but the help files say I have to modify the policy on the SA. This doesnt seem to work, as the agent cant update as it's offline.

I cant delete the repository, as it's a SA, and removing the machine from EPO hasnt helped.

This post if even confusing me, so please ask any questions you like to help clarify.

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RE: Removing SA Repository after decommision

If the server does not exist anymore delete the node from ePO. Then delete the SA Repository under Repository->Distributed Repositories. Check your Repository Replication tasks and remove the obsolete Repository if necessary.

RE: Removing SA Repository after decommision

I feel a bit silly. Removing the server from EPO has removed it from the sitelist, it just took a bit longer than I thought it would.

Thanks for your comment Metalhead.