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Remove / Uninstall Installed Extensions not used in EPO 4

I have quite a few installed extenions we are not using.

LinixShield 1.3
LinixShield 1.4
LinixShield 1.5
LinixShield Reports
SpamKiller for Exchange (and the reports)
Anything for Domino
Host Intrusion Prevention


Will anything 'bad' happen if I click on REMOVE and get rid of these.

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Me Too

I tried that and they came right back after a global update... :mad:
I guess it pulls them from the distributed repository's. :confused:

I would like to remove some similar things from my master repository also.
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RE: Me Too

I am sure that you can delete them .
when I build EPO4 , I deleted them. becouse our system is windows ,not linux. and when U update the DAT , i think you can choose it , someone is not update . if you update all the files ... it is too large to download.

I delete Exchange /Linux /Novell and other part . and if you make some mistake ...for example , you deleted VSE8.5 , U can check the ZIP file (VSE8.5) , in that case , your client can install VSE8.5 .
and you can check it in extention . int that case,you can manage it .
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