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Remote Agents communicating with the ePO

Ive searched the forums however i wasnt able to find a clear answer, so Ill ask here. Laptops / portables that leave the corporate network, go overseas, or anywhere outside of the corporate network will loose communication with the ePO. Is it possible to maintain that communication over the internet back to your ePO servers even though they are outside the corporate network. Ie External DNS-> Firewall-> Epo.



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Re: Remote Agents communicating with the ePO

It will work just fine, the typical approach would be to have a vpn connection which allows access in to the internal network.

DATS can be updated externally from the repository as well.

Re: Remote Agents communicating with the ePO

You can also consider to use an ePO 4.5 server on the DMZ branch so it can manage any computer connected over the internet without having to use vpn.

This server would be connected to the master ePO server on your LAN so the one on the DMZ would be like a relay