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Reinstall ePO4

Our ePO 4 Server is a Win2k3 VMware machine that someone "fixed" while I was on vacation. The server was renamed, then renamed back to the original name when they realized the mistake. I've tried going through all the DB files and ePO config pages via the web interface and can't get it to push updates or run the compliance summary correctly for a few weeks now.

I want to remove and reinstall the software and DB, but want to make sure I won't cause damage to the clients during the process.

Are there any pre-requisite steps I need to take prior to removing, then reinstalling the software and DB?

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RE: Reinstall ePO4

look here

You should export ur policies and querys too.

I dont know if u can export taks too, but i dont think so.

RE: Reinstall ePO4

Thanks! I backed up the security keys and exported the policies. Also took screen shots of the tasks.

I uninstalled, but it said it couldn't uninstall the DB. I'm manually removing SQL via Add\Remove programs now. This is a VMware machine so I can revert to a snapshot I took just before the uninstall if needed.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We haven't had much luck with ePO lately.

RE: Reinstall ePO4

Removed ePO but it failed to remove the DB. I manually uninstalled SQL via Add\Remove Programs, but when I try to install ePO now, it offers the checkbox to install SQL 2005, but when I check this box, the "Next" button is disabled. When I uncheck, the "Next" button is enabled.

How can I install ePO 4 and it's included SQL install?

RE: Reinstall ePO4

Normally it isnt a Problem to drop the Database.

We are running an SQL Server and i can connect to our Database with the MS SQL Server management Express Studio.

There i can drop the database too.

Are the Services correctly removed?

Never had this Problem :/null