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Registered Servers - Active Directory

When I try and register an LDAP/AD server and click 'Test Connection' I get the following results:

  • If I check the box "Use SSL" I get an error "Unable to communicate with the LDAP server.  Verify the settings you specified are correct."
  • If I uncheck the box "Use SSL" I get an error: "Unable to authenticate with the LDAP server.  The server requires SSL connections.  Enable SSL and retry."

I saw this question posted in the Community (stole the verbiage because it is the same issue) from a few years ago.

Anyone have suggestions or anyone run into this?

The Domain resolves correctly, the ID I am using to make the connection has the correct password.

Seems like the connection is rejected if I choose SSL, but if I don't choose SSL I get an error indicating it is required.

Could this be related to certificates?

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McAfee Employee

Re: Registered Servers - Active Directory

Hi Nicholas, you are on the right track. Normally selecting "Use SSL" is NOT required but it sounds like your Active Directory setup requires it. Please see this :

You can also look at the Windows events on the domain controller you are using, that will give you more clues.

Hope it helps.

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Level 9

Re: Registered Servers - Active Directory

Can you provide a screenshot of your settings with your domain name and user name fields blurred?

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