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Reason for red status


I'm new here. Thanks for reading and posting.

Been working with EPO 4.0 and VSE 8.5 for a while now. Rolling it out to a serverpark. Since a few days I have _one_ server which is red in my compliance report. I want it gone.

ePo isn't telling me why this server is red. How do I find out? Where can I find the reason for a red status? Clicking on the machine only tells me it's details - not the reason for it's status.

I have woken up the agent and pushed a new "install" job to no avail. Unfortunately, it seems I dont have access to this server, so I can't log on to it to see what's going on.
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RE: Reason for red status

The only thing you could do, is look at what the compliancy reports bases its reports on i.e. compliant if dat within the last 3 available, engine must be 5300 etc.. Then look at the details of the machine and compare these values.

RE: Reason for red status

Thanks, seems like our HQ have disabled these compliancy reports. I need to manually go in to "current version" and check against the pc's properties.

I just find it strange that when you have a great chart (showing how many machines are not compliant) they actually not show _why_ they are not compliant.
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