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RSD 4.7 : new election feature


i'm looking for information about the new auto-election feature that comes with the 4.7 Rogue sensor version.

I'im interested by this option but i would like to have a little feedback from the community.

Did someone installed it ? without any trouble or impact ?

Thanks for your advice

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Level 10

Re: RSD 4.7 : new election feature

nobody has activated this feature ?

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Re: RSD 4.7 : new election feature

i have installed RSD 4.7 but i have another issue with the RSD 4.7 sensors.

they do not go in active mode and there is a communication error in the agent log when i install the RSD sensor on an VSE 8.7P5, Agent 4.6 Patch 2 client.

Agent data channel communication failed, result=-2400

If i unstall the RSD 4.7 the error in teh agent log does not appear any more.

A RSD 4.7 policy is also created...

For help you can look in the EPO help files which are updated when you check in the RSD 4.7 via Software manager.

or the realease notes RSD 4.7.

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