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Questions/Problems with EEDK 9.2

Hello all,

I've just started to work with EEDK 9.2.

I'm trying to build a package to deploy a simple third party agent from ePO 4.6

With EEDK 9.2, I was able to build a new package and I was able to check in the package in ePO and replicate it to my repositories.

Now I'm trying to deploy that package with a client task to a test computer but it failed.

If I look at the Server Task Logs, I only see "Failed" and when I look at the subtask tab, there's not much information about the error.

11/5/12 2:28:35 PM Started: Sent Run now task "Centennial Agent Installation" to "MTL-D-09792"
11/5/12 2:28:46 PM Run now task Centennial Agent Installation received.
11/5/12 2:29:00 PM Run now task Centennial Agent Installation started.
11/5/12 2:29:30 PM

Run now task Centennial Agent Installation failed.
Details: CENTENNI1140 installation failed.

- I don't see anything in the event log on the target PC.

- If I look at the agent log files on the target PC I only see that there's an error, but nothing else.

2012-11-05 14:29:17.477          i          #2112          Updater          Error occurred while installing CENTENNI1140.

2012-11-05 14:29:17.477          I          #2112          Uec          Done processing progress information

2012-11-05 14:29:17.479          I          #2112          Uec          Received ipc data from mue

2012-11-05 14:29:17.479          I          #2112          Uec          Processing event information

2012-11-05 14:29:17.484          I          #2112          UpdEvents          Generating update event:EventId=2412Smiley Frustratedeverity=4Smiley TongueroductId=CENTENNI1140:Locale=0000:UpdateType=Install:UpdateError=-1:NewVersion=11.4.0Smiley Very HappyateTime=

2012-11-05 14:29:17.485          I          #2112          UpdEvents          EpoEventInf Interface: Event element created.

2012-11-05 14:29:17.485          I          #2112          Uec          Done processing event  information

2012-11-05 14:29:17.487          I          #2112          Uec          Received ipc data from mue

2012-11-05 14:29:17.488          I          #2112          Uec          Processing progress information

2012-11-05 14:29:17.488          i          #2112          Updater          Update Finished

2012-11-05 14:29:17.488          I          #2112          Uec          Done processing progress information

2012-11-05 14:29:17.490          I          #2112          Uec          Received ipc data from mue

2012-11-05 14:29:17.490          I          #2112          Uec          Processing   EndUpdateDialog information

2012-11-05 14:29:17.490          I          #2112          Uec          Done processing  EndUpdateDialog information

2012-11-05 14:29:17.494          I          #2112          Uec          Received ipc data from mue

2012-11-05 14:29:17.494          I          #2112          Uec          Processing event information

2012-11-05 14:29:17.494          I          #2112          muemsg          Calling HandlePostpone with TaskID:  UpdateState: 1

2012-11-05 14:29:17.495          I          #2112          muemsg          Calling m_pUpdateInfoCallback->HandlePostpone

2012-11-05 14:29:17.495          I          #2112          Updater          CMcAfeeUpdate::HandlePostpone() Entered taskid: {FDA7656E-8514-4727-84D3-268827C7973E}

2012-11-05 14:29:17.495          I          #2112          Updater          Finished calling GetPostponeMins

2012-11-05 14:29:17.495          I          #2112          Updater          CMcAfeeUpdate::HandlePostpone() Exit

2012-11-05 14:29:17.495          I          #2112          muemsg          Finished Calling m_pUpdateInfoCallback->HandlePostpone

2012-11-05 14:29:17.495          I          #2112          muemsg          Finished Calling HandlePostpone

2012-11-05 14:29:17.560          I          #2112          UpdEvents          EpoEventInf Interface: Update event created.

2012-11-05 14:29:17.560          I          #2112          UpdEvents          DeInitializing Event Interface

2012-11-05 14:29:17.560          I          #2112          UpdEvents          EpoEventInf Interface: Deinitialization succeeded.

2012-11-05 14:29:17.560          I          #2112          muemsg          Updater session finish state value =1

2012-11-05 14:29:17.563          I          #2112          Uec          Done processing event  information

2012-11-05 14:29:17.565          I          #2116          LpcConnMgr          Processing message queue disconnection request

2012-11-05 14:29:17.565          I          #2116          LPC          Unregistering LPC process

2012-11-05 14:29:17.565          I          #2116          LPC          Successfully unregistered LPC process, CMNUPD__3000Smiley Very HappyEFAULT:1620

2012-11-05 14:29:17.566          I          #2112          Uec          Terminating thread

2012-11-05 14:29:17.576          I          #5644          Uec          Terminating ipc channel

2012-11-05 14:29:17.576          I          #5644          ipcchannel          Aborting IPC object connection

2012-11-05 14:29:17.576          I          #5644          ipcchannel          Closing IPC connection

2012-11-05 14:29:17.576          I          #5644          ipcchannel          Closing IPC server

Does anyone have an idea where I can look to see why this package doesn't get install?

Thank you

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Re: Questions/Problems with EEDK 9.2

Did you get any resolution on this?  Having a similar issue.  Tks.

McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: Questions/Problems with EEDK 9.2


Please check if you can invoke the program manually and verify that the installation succeeds. Also, if its an MSI based installer, it should create a log in the temp folder which may give a clue as to what is happening in the background.



Re: Questions/Problems with EEDK 9.2

It does install manually just fine.  In fact, the copy that is brought up for deployment by the task and set in the agent current folder works.  And when I launch it, I do see it invoke.  I'm going to try to turn up debug for the agent per KB58966 and see if I get any visibility.  It is an exe so no msi logs, unfortunately.  Thanks for the feedback!