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Question re Agent / VSE 8.7 deployment process on Win7 32 and 64 bit

Hello fellow ePO users...

If I understand the deployment process correctly, in order to push the agent ePO must be able to: 1-locate the machine via DNS, 2-Copy framepkg.exe to the ADMIN$ share and 3-get remote access to the registry (which requires the Remote Registry service to be running) to trigger the install.  Correct so far?

Well I have an interesting thing going on - my ePO server 4.5.0 seems to be able to deploy the agent to both Windows 7 32 and 64 bit without having access to the remote registry service (which is configured as Manual by default and left that way in our organsation).  However, on 64bit Windows 7 clients ONLY, it does not then go on to action the rest of the deployment task which deploys VSE 8.7P3 - the VSE 8.7 deployment does work on 32bit Windows 7 though.  If I start the Remote Registry service on the 64 bit machines, and force a reinstall of the Agent and update all tasks, it then does get VSE 8.7.  Some strange weirdness going on there.

So - I am a bit concerned about the idea of configuring the Remote Registry service to have automatic startup if it's not needed.  I'd like to hear what others have done.

Thanks in advance,