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Question about adding Server IP to server.ini

This morning, I ran into a problem with my test EPO server. Somehow, the 6 client workstations would fail to connect to the EPO server when performing an Update Now. On each client, I took a look at the sitelist.xml file and found out that it pointed to the loopback address The server also showed the same entry for the sitelist.

The card does have two NICs but only one is enabled. What causes the loopback address to end up in the sitelist?

I did manage to remedy the problem by adding the server IP address to the server.ini file. However, I had to manually reinstall the EPO agent on each client system.

I have several questions about how to prevent this again.

1. Should you add the server IP address to the server.ini on all EPO servers? Will this cause any future problems down the road?
2. We currently don't have a DNS entry for the EPO server. Is it necessary to have a DNS entry?
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I found that my server had an IP in SQL Server EPOComputerProperties table of when it got moved and was inadvertently plugged in to a disabled NIC. All my client sitelist.xml files now show the as well.