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Query to Find Systems with Duplicate IP Address

Hello Everyone.

Is there any way to find systems with duplicate IP Address in McAfee ePO version 4.5.5(Build: 1188)?????...........

Actually i found many systems with duplicate Ip address in ePO & i want to create a query to find those........

Please help me.

Thanks in Advance

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Re: Query to Find Systems with Duplicate IP Address

Do you use DHCP in your network environment, if so then this could easily happen?

- Machine A switches on picks up IP from DHCP and reports that IP to ePO and then switches off.

- Machine B switches on picks up same IP from DHCP as it's unused  (depends on DHCP lease expiries etc)

- Machine B report same IP to ePO.

As McAfee doesn't strictly use IP to deploy updates or manage the machine it doesn't really matter.

Re: Query to Find Systems with Duplicate IP Address

I agree with Tristan, however, if you still want to do it, you can do it like this:

Select New Query

Choose "System Management" on the left and "Managed Systems" on the right.  Click Next

Choose a "Single Group Summary Table" on the left.  For the Label, Choose "IP Address" from the Computer Properties section.  Click Next.

Choose your columns, click Next

No filter needed, click Run.

The results will not be the best because it will list all IP addresses on your network but it will have a count in the far right column.  Anything with a count greater than 1 will be systems with duplicated IP addresses.  Click on an IP address to drill down and see the systems.

For better results, you could run a query on the SQL server but this should give you the information needed.

Re: Query to Find Systems with Duplicate IP Address


We have a lot of systems with duplicate ip adress but different name.

Machines has been refresh and their old entries are always in epo console.

Could you please provide us a way to delete duplicate entries ?

McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: Query to Find Systems with Duplicate IP Address

Duplicate IP addresses are not necessarily what you might want to look for since dhcp changes IP's on systems.  There is a default query to search for duplicate system names, but if you are having a lot of duplicates you might want to look into why that would be occurring.  One of the most common of those are vm's that are non-persistent and the agent is not installed in vdi mode. 

To remove duplicates in bulk, you can run this query in sql.  However, please validate the table name, as some versions of epo might have the name ending in MT.

delete from epoleafnode where exists (select * from epoleafnode as l where l.nodename=epoleafnode.nodename and l.autoid!=epoleafnode.autoid and l.lastupdate>epoleafnode.lastupdate)