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Query for Automatic email

I Monitor ePO Servers I want to know that is it possible to create a query in ePO for failed replications. I mean if in case replication fails i automatically get email stating that replication has been failed.

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Re: Query for Automatic email

I can get the Email notification for the failed repositories but i happens on an hourly basis, i want email notification at the time when replication fails, please suggest! it is Possible.

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Re: Query for Automatic email

There is a default "respository update or replication failed" notification already included in epo 4 and I think 4.5, you just need to enable it and alter or duplicate it. it doesnt allow you to specify one or the other but you can set it to report on every instance, eg immediate and for it to send you an email.

If you are getting it every hour perhaps you need to check the thresholds in the notification