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Query about EPO Failover

Dear All,

Can anyone help me regarding the below given query.

Suppose i have 1 EPO Servers and 2 SQL servers  on cluster. i have many location were i have agent handlers communicating with the EPO Server.

i am planning to implement one more EPO server on failover...

in that case i want various agent handlers to communicate with both the epo server incase if primary epo server is down they will communicate with the other  EPO Server. All the client should be able to fetch policy and updates from the secondary one.

can anyone suggest me the archtechture of the same. in case if mcafee has any document if this can be done.

would appreciate with this help.



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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: Query about EPO Failover

I'm afraid there's no way this can be done with the current versions of ePO. The only failover support in ePO at the moment is that offered by clustering (i.e. a multi-node active/passive MSCS cluster.) There's no way to have clients - or agent handlers - talk to multiple ePO installations.


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