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Queries and Reports

Hi All,

Any recommendations on best practices for running Queries and Reports in ePO? Most common Queries? How to not nest the SQL tables?


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Re: Queries and Reports

Moved to ePO for faster response.




Re: Queries and Reports

Thanks Peter

Re: Queries and Reports


The Query and Reporting engine in ePO is vast. Is their anything in particular you want to query.

A starter list might be:

Unmanaged Devices - Boolean Pie Chart

Unprotected Devices - Boolean Pie Chart

Devices not communicated in a given period of time.

Threat events detected



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Re: Queries and Reports

Thanks for your input Richard - Dealing with a large database is a little bit hard when it comes to create dashboards. Most customers want to see the results in a short time and the spinning wheels are always make them unhappy. I'm currently working on creating a dashboard that shows how many servers ( Microsoft, Linux, etc ) are at 100% patches and how many that are under a 100%. also if patch is exist or not. Another reports shows the status of the patch for each system. Running both queries are taking a very long time and sometimes it doesn't give any results after waiting.

Thanks again,

Re: Queries and Reports

One thing I've done (because I was somewhat frustrated with response time) is creating some server tasks to run queries at off hours and export the results to a csv. From there I have an excel workbook with those csv files feeding into pivot tables for easier reporting.

It's not immediately current data, but that isn't important for me in most cases.

Re: Queries and Reports

That's a great idea in regards to the slowness we experience when pulling the data. Thank you!

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