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Pushing ePO agent to VPN user

Hi all, am having problem pushing agent to users on VPN connection.

Agent successfully pushed to the machines,
however, computer name keeps change from one to another machine name.
i.e. VPNPC001 to VPNPC002 and back to VPNPC001 or VPNPC005 for example.

Then I realized that all these machines have got the same MAC address.
Does agent look MAC address NOT computer name or IP address?

Since MAC address has to be unique,, all cisco VPN client s/w come with one MAC address?

If that's the case, I will send ePO agent installation file to remote VPN users
and ask them to install it when they are not connected to VPN.

If anyone have better idea, please let me know.

Many thanks,
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RE: Pushing ePO agent to VPN user


check out thread :

for VPN clients, there is a SQL table that holds MAC address of common VPN clients,

ive never played with it - ill have to look up the name of it. it may sort what you are seeing.

RE: Pushing ePO agent to VPN user

thanks boohbah, this looks good.
will play around with it.

RE: Pushing ePO agent to VPN user

thanks boohbah, looks good and understood your concern re possible duplicate entries.

As for the sql table, is it called "VirtualMacVendor"?
i was just looking and found it bit suspicious, don't know what to do with it tho.

anyway, please let me know if you come up with something.

many thanks,