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ProtectionPilot seems to read but not update

I've got a very strange issue with ProtectionPilot 3.5. After installing the server and adding a few client computers, it was able to see that some computers were up to date and some were not. After pressing Update, none of the computers on the system seem to be updating. I've checked the firewall and it doesn't seem to be that.

The part that made me really think something was wrong was that I took a spare computer that did not have any McAfee products installed and tried to push the agent to that computer. It did absolutely nothing. Is there something I might be doing wrong? or am I not understanding how this system works?
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RE: ProtectionPilot seems to read but not update

When you pushed the agent to the computer, do you reinstall the PP agent? If so, make sure you're not making the push invisible to the end user. That may help you troubleshoot better.
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