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Products not listed in Update window

I am running two separate ePO installations on two distinct domains. Domain #1 is running ePO 4.6.1; domain #2 is running ePO 4.6.2 (from 4.6.0 as of two days ago to see if it resolves my issue).

In domain #2, when I click Actions - Agent - Update Now, and the Packages window pops up, I am missing products - VSE 8.8 is the most glaring. Not only that, but I removed VSE 8.5 extensions etc. the other day and I still see VSE 8.5 as an update option.

Domain #1 is fine.

I can't seem to figure out how and where this list is modified.  I can bring up both ePO monitors simultaneously to compare settings between them and the only difference I can see are the ePO versions.

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Re: Products not listed in Update window

soviatt, what do you actually have under your repository? Do you have any VSE 8.8 patch under the current branch? Remeber that the "update now" task will only update VSE 8.8 patches but not a full package (in your example)