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Product Policy Templates ?

I am getting round to creating policies for certain applications and there seems a lot to it. Is there such a thing as a policy template that I would be able to import.

e.g. SQL - template which contains all the exceptions etc. ?



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Re: Product Policy Templates ?

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Re: Product Policy Templates ?


Check out KB67211



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Re: Product Policy Templates ?

I am not sure if I have understand correctly your question.

If you are looking to export exclusion from ePO console into templates than you have to do it manually, Not sure any option in SQL queries.

If you are looking for Master article which contains most of the application exclusion details than follow below McAfee KB article.

Re: Product Policy Templates ?

Thanks, I did see that - I was just thinking if everyone has to put in these exlcusions it might have been good to be able to download the XML file for that applciation

that contains all the exclusions. Save everyone having to enter all the details in manually. Looks like it doesn't exist though


Re: Product Policy Templates ?

well this kind of initiative I never seen and even I am ok with that because it is very confidential for your company. Moreover sometimes you have add some exclusion which is belongs to your company related application.