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Problems with clients after upgrading epo server from 4 to 4.5

In my test environment we had some clients setup which communicated with epo 3.6 and epo 4 and we were able to load the agent logs remotley http://computernameSmiley Tongueortno.

Once ePO was upgraded to 4.5 this functionality no longer worked and we cannot load the agent log remotley.

The clients appear to communicate with epo 4.5 however some tihngs are not functioning correctly.

The other 'bug' appears to be with the VSE 8.7 policies failing to apply fully after the ePO 4.5 upgrade. We have found that the VSE product cannot be locked down with a password.

Any ideas?

Is there a list of known issues which can be made available to customers who are looking at upgrading to ePO 4.5? It would be noce to see the list split according the types of products the customers are using as well rather than just a great big list as is the case when a readme is released with patches!

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McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: Problems with clients after upgrading epo server from 4 to 4.5

By default the "Accept connections only from the ePO Server" setting is enabled in the McAfee Agent Policy in ePO 4.5, this is in place for added security. You can simply uncheck this and you should be able to view the log.

As for the VSE policies, do any of them enforce? What are you specifically trying to lock?

With each product and patch release there is a readme which has a "Known Issues" section. As new issues are discovered, we do publish these to the McAfee KB as readme addendums.