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Problem with ePO 5.0 access protection rules

Hi community,

I do have an ePO 5.0 system on a Windows 2012 server running.

Everything work fine except one thing.... the access protection rules for VSE 8.8 remains blank....??

I can not tick any boxes as I don´t even see the entries normally there. It´s just two totally blank boxes without any content.

I already removed and reinstalled the extension, I changed the language and I tried to access the policy from various browsers (Firefox, IE etc.) and also from other (older, e. g. Win2003) systems. Without any success...

Is anyone else having this problem? Hints very appreciated.



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Re: Problem with ePO 5.0 access protection rules

Morning all

im having this exact problem with 5.1.0. Fresh installed on brand new 2008 server.

Have removed and reinstalled all extensions and downloads but access protection rules are still blank

have totally deleted all the exisintg zip files from file manager also

any other ideas welcome??