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Problem with Duplicate systems

Hi guys

I have a problem with Duplicate systems.  I am not sure of the cause if its RSD or the DB.  My system tree is correct and has the correct number of clients, around 4000, but my RSD managed systems shows 10000 and in all my queries and dashboards i have many duplicates.  for example, my compliane summary for servers show 55 clients, but if i drill into the report and select all the systems there are 257.  Not sure how to remove these clients.  I have gone through the duplicate systems and systems with high sequence events but this did not resolve my issue.

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Re: Problem with Duplicate systems


I recommend you use purging task from both the system tree and the rsd tables. just to be sure please check if you run the following tasks regularly:

- inactive agent cleanup task

- duplicate agent guid detection with blacklisting (aka high sequence clients)

- duplicate node deletion (plain)

- rsd automated response with push agent and/or delete detected system (alternatively: exclude from detection in the case of non-Windows hosts)

If you see duplicates in reports, please check the agent GUId of them to see if only the hostname matches (AgentGUID only matches if they are the same host), and also the last ASCI time to see if one of them is not an inactive agent.

Not sure entirely, but duplicates could be due to VPN users, this could be the last you check. A possible remedy is to add VPN vendor code into the ePO database so VPN hosts are treated irrespective of their - common - MACs.


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