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Problem Installing the Agent

I'm having problems installing the agent.
This screen appears saying that this crendencial wrong.
Credentials already swapped several times and not had success.
Some one can help me??

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RE: Problem Installing the Agent

Your screenshot is way to small to read.

Are you using Agent 4.0? If so, are you trying to use the embedded credentials option? That option is currently broken. Workaround is to create the Agent install package without embedding credentials.

McAfee Agent 4.0 installation fails when using a framepkg.exe containing embedded credentials :

RE: Problem Installing the Agent

Yes... i'm using agent 4.0 patch 2...

i got this message..

"the account name is invalid or does not exist, or the password is invalid for the account name specified"

Soo the agent 4.0 is broken ??

then which way to use the remote deployment?


RE: Problem Installing the Agent

There is a version of the agent that allows embeded credentials which you can download.
Otherwise just don't use embeded credentials.

RE: Problem Installing the Agent

how can I use the embedded agent?

Check-in-package it in ePO???


RE: Problem Installing the Agent

Yes - just check it in and eploy as normal but if you need to use specific admin credentials with it you will need to "send agent installs" to selected clients.

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