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PrP 1.5 - Duplicate Computers in Groups

I've gone by "the book" to set up Protection Pilot 1.5 afaik. I initially added 5 computers to the domain group, then I went in and created 2 groups named servers and workstations. I moved the 5 computers to their correct group and then added the rest of our domain, placing them in the relevant group.

This left my domain group with 0 computers listed.

Now when I got to work this morning there are 24 computers listed in my domain group. They're all duplicates of computers in both of the other groups.

What have I done wrong? How can I correct the mistake?

If I can get some help with this, I'm sure to have more annoying newbie like questions happy
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RE: PrP 1.5 - Duplicate Computers in Groups

ok, i dont remember the details of how the algorithms work in PRP, since i havent used it in years and it is based off the old ePO codebase, but it is likely that it is importing the computers because PRP is checking against the PRP directory, and seeing that these machines do not exist already the same relative places in the dir, and so therefore it adds them

in other words, you have synchronised your domain with the PRP dir, but then moved computers out of the location PRP put them, and into another group. PRP looks in the root of your PRP dir, and sees these computers arent there, so adds them.

does PRP only ever add one duplicate of the computers ?

RE: PrP 1.5 - Duplicate Computers in Groups

Back again, still having the same issues. It's very strange.

Here's an example of how our structure looks...

- Domain
. 3d
. eng1
. eng2
. eng4
. server2
. server1
. server2
. server3
- Workstations
. 3d
. eng1
. eng2
. eng3
. eng4

I have prevoiusly moved the 3d computer into workstations, but now it's in both workstations and the domain group. If I delete all the domain entries, they will reappear after 24 hours. As an added bonus, the 3d computer in domain is showing a different status than the one in workstations. I just updated 3d through the admin interface, so I'm figuring the one in workstations, that is pending, is the correct one?

What am I doing wrong to get the duplicate computers?
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