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Policy to turn off scan while files are copied

I have been requested to setup a policy for a server that will allow a support person to turn off scanning while copying files to our SAN. It also need to include the ability which allows the support person to turn scanning back on when he has finished the copy for the night.

Currently I have a policy that has turned off the scanning but my server support person cant turn it back on.


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Re: Policy to turn off scan while files are copied

Not the answer you are looking for but, you can setup a low risk process policy that would allow all files read/written by a specific process to not be scanned. Typically, you would put the backup/restore executable in there.

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Re: Policy to turn off scan while files are copied

Hi Connavas,

There are many ways to disable and re-enable the OAS of VSE but it is not reccomended to disable when you perform any read/write activities as OAS is a reall time scanner which will protect your machine from any kind of threat which comes whiel copying the files to your storage. There is an alternate way which "Andre" has suggested you.

But if you are ready to take risk then you can use below method to disable it:

>If the support person has admin right ask him to stop the McAfee Framework Service from the services, Open VSE console and disable OAS as needed. We stopped the Framework service so that the policy will not get enforced from the ePO and the OAS will be in disable mode until you do it manually.

>Select that machine from ePO system tree and modifiy the policy for single machine and set OAS as disable. Send an agent wake up call that machine so the policy will get inforced immediatly on that machine. Once the file is coppied then you need to enable OAS for that machine or simple delete that policy or make it as disable.

Hope this will answer your question. If in case you are looking something else please do let me know.