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Policy Issue

Dear All,

I am a fresh user of Mcafee EPO 4.6

I don't have enough experience. We actually started to see some issues for many users who normally should be having USB and CD access enabled.

The CD/USB Access is configured through epo. when i checked the policy it is very simple: Block CD/USB access except for the users who are part of CD/USB group.

Unfortunately some users are part of CD/USB group and they are getting access denied while using usb and CD.

How can i resolve this issue ?

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Re: Policy Issue

Start by verifying the 'effective' policies applied to one of these machines.

Find one of the machines in the sytem tree.

Select it by ticking the box next to its name.

From the Actions menu, select Directory Management - View assigned policies.

Pick your point product, check the assigned policy is correct.

If it seems correct, verify the agent is actually communicating to get the right policy.

(check last communication time again in the system tree).

If it is communicating and looks like the right policy is applied but still misbehaves then you should probably speak to McAfee support at that point.

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